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actualbianca sent:

Abbyyyy you're adorable just sayin


since w h e n

beat it buster whatever you’re selling I’m not buying 


you can have 14 pancakes or 132 there is no inbetween

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Beautiful Little Tea Cups


My default type font in photoshop was, for some reason, set to comic sans 

I saw no reason to change it this time


i want world peace but there are people i want to kill first


I’m reading your palm and it says it belongs on my butt


Artist: Ginger ale


a transparent burn heal so you can drag it for like 2 seconds then put it back after healing the victims of your sick burns


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im srry abby i had to throw noelle in there i just cant draw pilots individually they’re just such cute siblings

and you know how much of a sucker i am for siblings

anyway the pilots have a visitor

spoilers i bet its asch


before you have sex with me you have to earn it

take these two potatoes and this goat and bring them to the river valley where you will meet an old gypsy named madam zeroni. carry madam zeroni back up the mountain on your back and allow her to drink from the stream while you sing for her. she will give you a necklace of beads. return them to me to complete the quest.